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Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield Heroes brings to our gaming community just what we really needed to our gray boring "used to" games. DICE fulfilled their promise to bring fun, play for free game accessible to all of us. It is not matter of age, gender or nationality whether you will play Battlefield Heroes or not.
It is only matter of time before you start.


There is no way you can escape this game on web. Rumors about this game "a brand new and strong steed in the stables of gaming universe" are spreading faster then diabolical fire inside a paper making factory built in the middle of a wooden slum.

It is for people who are looking for fun. Casual "hang out" with familiar game and competitive "stuff" for all the "pro" and "uber pro" ultra gaming 13 years old or 30 years old fans playing all day long. It is a complex game that has so many "user friendly features" that everyone even your "n00b" grandma must fall in love with Royals for sure.
As soon as she takes down first few Nationals.

Battlefield Heroes is user friendly game. No doubts. It offers so much stuff in so easy and comprehensible way that we all know what we are asked to do from the very beginning when we start downloading this game up to the very last moment in "the game lobby, the game menu" before we launch it.


  • There can't be a single soul complaining about "high hardware requirements" to run this game.
  • The "cartoony" style differs Battlefield Heroes from others in this sphere for "light years" ahead.


  • Battlefiled Heroes has neat environment and gameplay is more than good.
  • Colourfull graphics only enhance the good feeling while playing this game.

Music & sounds

  • Short story long - Battlefield Heroes music and sounds are simply put - just brilliant !


Battlefield Heroes has a class system which has three basic classes each unique:

Players can buy miscellaneous items like bandages to regenerate their health and wrenches to repair vehicles and their armor.