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Gameplay is slightly different than you might be expecting. When you see the game's cartoony style it is easy to assume the gameplay will be fast.

  • Very soon you will realise that the game is deliberately a bit slower than you were thinking.
  • First time you run with your hero it feels slow and clumsy. Once you engage your enemy it becomes clear it is not that bad idea after all.
  • Battlefield Heroes is dedicated for more casual players so it ensures that you do not need any special skills or long years of experience in fps.

National Army

Battlefiled heroes uses a mix between rpg and ordinary fps. While the very core
of this game is still good old shooting it mixes it with clever skill system.
There is a bar with the different abilities available for you at the top of your screen. Simply by pressing the corresponding button you can add / reorganise your skill points. There are various abilities available to all classes. They include things like Combat medicine, Leg it, Piercing shot and many more alike !

Royal Army

Once you know your hero you will pose great threat to your enemies !

Battlefield Heroes uses familiar "Capture the flag" system we are used to from all previous Battlefield series games. This system requires 2 teams fighting one against each other in order to control a certain number of control points.
Team which holds a majority of flags is winning slowly but surely because the other team will start losing its points. The first team to lose all its points loses the game.

Well do not be that sure with yourself now !

  • While you are capturing one flag you can hardly defend the rest of them.
  • This means that you have to think about offense or / and defence all the time.
  • So it is really essential in order to win to cooperate with your team !

This system makes the game interesting each time you play and there are many possible scenarios how you can win.